Friday, 8 April 2011

Stategies For Marketing & Advertising Our Film!

After the production stage it is now important that to make our audience aware that our film is available to watch, by doing this we will use advertising as informing people of a new upcoming film which is needed to ensure the success of the movie; there are many different ways we could go about doing this.

These are used to catch the eye of audience so bright colours and interesting visuals are a must. They need to be informative of our thriller and include relevant information such as the title and date of release. When displaying these we could use billboards, buses, cinema's and public places to draw in the target audience.

When advertising a film production companies use a trailer as a common method to inform people of a film they might choose to watch. The trailer is an essential part of advertising a new film, it outlines the plot in less then 2 minutes giving the audience a snippet of what the film will be like. The main characters are also introduced, if they are famous actors and actresses then advertising that they're in the film will add to the popularity of the movie. Places for the advertisement to be shown is on the television, in cinemas and YouTube.

The Internet
Film Review Websites are popular visited websites on the Internet today, as an example 'Rotten Tomatoes'. Here, many people are able to write their own review on a movie which is then discussed by different people with different opinions.

Having a good review for our thriller would encourage others to watch it and if they enjoy it they could spread the word to more people, this is known as 'word of mouth' advertising, an effective yet free method.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Peer Feedback...

1. Describe the type of camerawork which has been used. Do you think it's effective? Why?
There was a good variety of camera shots including; high angle, mid-shots, close ups and zoom in. The close ups help to build tension throughout out opening. The tracking shot helped to convey and establish the location. Our point of view shot was clearly showed from the characters perspective.

2. What type of sounds have been used? Does it work well with the visuals?
The diegetic sound (speech) was at the right volume and was very clear. The soundtrack went well with the visuals and helped to create tension throughout.

3. How has the mise-en-scene been constructed? Does it have an impact on the genre?
Props: you can easily tell what type of character she is! Props included wine, phone, straighteners and the sign. The lighting outside could have been a bit lighter in order to see more. However the inside lighting was said to help convey the thriller genre and make it mysterious.

4. What editing techniques have been used?
Clear credits and good shot transitions. Also fast editing which helped create tension.

5. Can you think of any constructive criticism?
We could have drawn tension a bit more as it lacked it certain places. This would have helped to build up to the main event. There could have been more thought put into the whole editing process eg. credits and title sequence.

6. What was the most effective element of the production?
The use of mise-en-scene worked well eg. props, costume and location.
Also, the sounds and shot types were good!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Choosing a Soundtrack

This is an important step when creating our final piece, we plan to use a soundtrack to build tension and create atmosphere. This will set the scene for the video while contrasting the visuals as the girl is in normal surroundings at the beginning of the clip. Only at the last few seconds does the audience realise what has happened in the narrative which will explain our choice in music.

We plan to use tense music to emphasise a change in the girls thoughts making the audience expect something is going to happen. The music we will use will quicken with the narrative showing an increase in pace and therefore building tension to contribute to the thriller genre.

We will use YouTube to find a song as it is easy to access and can give us a range of soundtracks to choose from.

Friday, 11 March 2011

External Feedback On Rough Cut

PROS - The video has good continuity throughout while there was a good range of shot types so far.

- The videos sound levels change throughout, we plan to add a soundtrack to aid the transitions, therefore showing better continuity.
- We have yet to add titles and effects and plan to add these at a later stage.
- The group commented that we had no suspense, we put this down to it being a rough cut and we aim to build tense up as the video progresses.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Feedback On Rough Cut

Camerawork - Medium shots when girl is getting ready with a short close up of the phone calling.

Mise En Scene - Props were phone and straighteners while the lighting was dark and mysterious which fits the genre.

Editing - Shot duration and cuts worked well between shots and transitions were good.

Comments - Good use of shot types, can tell the sequence is a thriller even though it is only a rough cut. We could improve the sound by making the speech louder and adding a sound track.

Feedback from group P233